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This is the story of one family’s attachment to a special piece of land, Clifton, for the last 150 years. The Gordon family at Clifton are now into the sixth generation to live here.

The original Clifton Station of 13,500 acres was purchased in 1859 from the Crown by James Gillespie Gordon for £3375. It stretched from Clifton to Cape Kidnappers and right down to Ocean Beach. Today the home block of Clifton Station is 2000 acres and is owned by Angus and Dinah Gordon.

Clifton now is more than a productive property that has kept many Gordons nourished for a long time. It is an emotional attachment to the land, where every corner holds a memory. It is a place of varying lights and hues, where the dynamics of the weather change it yearly from a green oasis to a burnished and parched landscape, and where the sea challenges each day with a myriad of different moods.

It is a place that is exceedingly well positioned to participate in the exciting new developments that are occurring throughout Hawke’s Bay. Clifton Bay Cafe and WoolWorld @ Clifton Station are examples of this.

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